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Evening everyone.

It is now 35 sleeps until Christmas. Of course now that means that radio stations, BBC, TV and just about everyone will start to be playing the ‘XMAS HITS’. It does fill me with great joy, to know that christmas is around the corner, as it signifies rest, family, good food, sometimes good telly, good drink and in all honesty the best holiday around the world (in my humble opinion at least). However, hearing the christmas songs of the last 40 years gives me such a feeling of discomfort, illness and unease, that I feel like an isolated soldier in a foreign jungle, just awaiting an ambush. Except in this sense, it’s Noddy Holder and Shakin’ Stevens that are doing the attacking, not the Vietcong. And instead of an exotic, war wrecked jungle, its Debenhams.

Here are my ‘Five Hot Tips!’ for avoiding the christmas songs you hate and would better the holiday by being eviscerated from our festive psyche…

1. WEAR HEADPHONES EVERYWHERE YOU GO. Even if people stop to talk to you, just keep the headphones in and try to lip read. You never know when a Wizard or East 17  xmas hit will hit you. Always be on your guard.

2. CREATIVE VISUALISATION. Associate all christmas music with fond non Christmas song memories. Therefore, if you do hear one you can transcend to a zen state of anti – Wham! Last Christmas.

3. STAY INDOORS AT ALL TIMES. Its cold outside anyway. And the postcard visual aspect of Britain at christmas is always from an inside view looking outside. Usually catching a glimpse of Santa (not real) or snowmen (waste of time they melt, tend to ruin perfectly decent scarfs and hats and leave a carroty mess). So the inside looking out is so much better. Stay in and that way you can choose what you listen to or watch.

4. LISTEN TO REUBEN. Always, always listen to Reuben. They are the greatest ever. And they had a christmas song as well. It’s called ‘Christmas is Awesome’. It’s awesome. Listen to that and it’ll make you forget about the utter dross that only people like the characters Hugh Grant plays (and probably Hugh Grant himself) listen to at this time of year.

5. DONT GIVE IN TO THE SLADE DEVIL. When others sing it, or it keeps playing it (probably the office party or uncomfortable evening of drinks with people down the road you dont like), keep the faith. You can avoid it. Just keep doing what youve been doing. Have the Willpower. It all stops after boxing day. If friends try to lure you in with carols or any yule tide hits, punch them or remove them from your presents list. A true friend would never subject you to such horrible sounds.

Stick to all of these tips, keep strong and plough on through. And if you cant do that either convert to a religion that doesnt celebrate christmas (Id recommend Scientology, you know the alien, Tom Cruise one), move to Libia or just allow the wave of joy come over you. Its what everyone else does and they seem pretty content and happy.

Sammy. x

The unlikely occurrence of joining a grunge band.

I have been meaning to write this for a while. For a long time I had nowhere to put it, I had no way of broadcasting my opinions, my thoughts and stories. I’ve always been put off writing my own blog, I don’t like to give to much about myself away and more than that I never really thought anyone cared, however, when I share the story of how I joined Terrors with people I meet at shows or when it comes up in conversation people often find it weird that I wasn’t there from the beginning especially as I grew up (and still live) 150miles away from where the band is based. I’m not very good at reading people but I often get the impression they find this interesting. Recently I’ve become spoilt for choice on where I can write my thoughts, I run my own music blog (it is in it’s beta phase, I’ll tell you all what it’s called in due course), it turns out I can vent through our website (www.terrorsmusic.co.uk) and obviously, I can now write all my thoughts on here.

So here it is, my story of the unlikely occurrence of joining a grunge band.

I joined Terrors in February of this year, approximately 18 months after their formation (I don’t know exactly when it was, I wasn’t there). I first heard of the band when I met Jack at University, we study the same course at the University of Gloucestershire (Popular Music). In an early lecture Jack used Terrors as his example of an Independent band, during which he played Modernist in full.

Modernist, in my opinion remains as Terrors finest song, a sensitive work of art, completely original and perfectly structured. It was that song alone that sparked my interest in the band, I sought through their back catalogue that evening becoming more and more envious of the work Jack was involved in.

My love for Terrors built over the next few weeks but I didn’t get the chance to talk to Jack about the band until later in the term. After a night of drink Jack and I were stood at the bar in our local – ‘G-Bar’ (co-incidently the same place the official video for Volumes, Terrors first music video was filmed) and as I recall we were demonstrating to each other how hardcore our screaming vocal abilities were. It was then that Jack and I first talked in depth about the band and it was that Jack told me they were looking for a bassist and he suggested I should audition. The next day all I could think about was joining Terrors, Jack remembered nothing of the conversation.

Every opportunity I could find I nagged Jack about an audition for the band, I think it took him 2 months to get around to organising something.

I had a series of ‘auditions’ over Christmas 2012, throughout this period I was morbidly ill with flu. Jack had told me to learn ‘Blow’ and the 2 singles they had just released as part of the ‘Social Network‘ release.

I arrived at Terrors HQ and for the first time and I was invited into the world of Terrors. I had briefly met both Sam and Huw before. Huw was part of a few friends who had taken a trip to the underground festival held annually in Gloucester and I had met Sam the week before at his girlfriends sisters 21st (a hazy night where I also first met ‘drunk Huw’ – we invented a sport and broke into a school staff room, but that is a story for another day).

Instead of the planned practice the band decide instead to partake in a Terrors tradition, known as  ‘A night at Nicks’. I got to know Sam over a Terrors themed drinking game – someone would say a line from a song and you would have to guess the track, a somewhat unfair game when playing with the 3 people who wrote the song – one day we’ll play ‘guess the bassline’ and I will have my revenge. The rest of the night is somewhat blurry from that point on.

We had my first audition the next day. Flu and alcohol was not the preparation I had in mind, but I thought it would be ok, I knew the songs Jack told me to learn. Unfortunately, Sam no longer wanted to practice what I had learnt but instead wanted me to learn his new track (which turned out to be Splinter Fingers) but by some miracle whatever I played sounded good and they invited me to have another practice the next week.

After a meticulous practice, formulation and musical engineering hibernation, 2 months later I was alongside the band, on stage for our first gig as a four piece at the Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham.

Sincerest regards and formally yours,

B.W. Easey.


We’d like to take this time now to say thank you to everyone who has watched, liked and shared our new video for our track Volumes. It has received such positive reviews and gained so many views in just two days of being online. And if this keeps up, more thank you messages will be issued, because everyone who follows us is so great and loyal. 

So thanks again to you all, keep watching, sending and spreading the word of Terrors, and youll be able to say you were part of something when we’re so big that WordPress has to change its name to TerrorsPress. 

See you all soon. Here’s the vid…


New music video for Volumes.

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Ghouls, goblins, ghosts, gremlins, gargoyles, green face paint, gory costumes and gummy sweets.

The time is upon us to start scaring each other in the name of having a good time. An oxymoron event. A negative to make a positive. What other day of the year can one do this? I cant really think of one, except for perhaps the anniversary of a dictator’s death in lets say, Italy, Cuba or Russia.

I digress. I think its brilliant that people can dress up, get scary and still smile. A perfect example of how sad or ‘bad’ things can bring joy like, sad music lifting one’s mood. A sad film motivating you to act in a certain way (My Left Foot!!!!!!!!). A sad novel. Or even a sad event. Realising the bad or the dark is a very strong way of coming round to finding fun or success.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and Casper, the friendly ghost!!!!!! They did it brilliantly.

Although we may not be as theatrical or Hollywood in our approach, we still feel that performing music that presents emotion, existence, young and romantic circumstance and frustration, in all its honesty and innocence, is important to bringing people round and feeling a part of something.

So be a part of us and by all means feel free to send us your costumes for Halloween… https://www.facebook.com/TerrorsMusic

And listen to our record while doing it!!! http://terrorsmusic.bandcamp.com

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